drugsand.me is an educational website that provides information about existing harm reduction methods for drug users. We do not promote drug use, but we do encourage you to be safe if you are thinking of taking any kind of drug. This website was inspired by the thousands of deaths that occur in the UK due lack of correct drug education. While there are websites that already provide information on different drugs, we provide a comprehensive, objective, and easy-to-understand guide to help you stay safe and be smart when using drugs.

"People will always use drugs. They always have used drugs. We must learn to live with this fact."

At drugsand.me we aim to provide an a comprehensive, easy-to-understand information hub for everyone who wants to learn how to be safe and smart when using drugs. We provide a simple website to find essential information from varied sources, including scientists and the online community.
Although we have done thorough research to gather this information, you always do your own research and further reading. We encourage you to explore the excellent and varied sources that we have linked throughout the site.

A word about the information in this website:

The content in this webpage is obtained, whenever information was found, from scientific and evidence-based resources. However, there are many gaps where a lot of research needs to be done, not because there isn´t interest in the scientific literature, but because drug policies limit controlled research on drugs considered as recreational ones. Wherever scientific-based information was not found, as many as possible resources were compared and contrasted to provide the most accurate and useful piece of advice/information.

drugsand.me supports researchers, institutes and foundations that are investing time and money in scientific research into psychoactive drugs, working towards improved consciousness and health-oriented drug policy reform.

Prior knowledge on drugs and other rewarding habits have been shown to directly diminish the brain alluring by them, so (most probably) the propensity to develop an addiction [Gut et al, 2015, Kirk and Montague, 2015 ].

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