14 July 2017


"While freshers can expect briefings about sexual abuse, personal safety and inequality, on the dangers of drugs, universities clam up."

20 April 2017

The Guardian

"My favourite trip was in Richmond Park in 2014. I took 100 micrograms of 1P-LSD, a designer LSD analogue which was legal in the UK until May 2016. The acid come-up starts in your throat: warmth spreads through you like syrup. Words will be more fun to say. Dust, sunbeams and the lint on your sleeves take on a faint, bluish fizz, or is it a whizz?"

8 March 2017


"[...] Drugs and Me, a website set up by students at University College London who saw a gap in the market for unbiased information on illicit substances that took a scientific stand on the matter, rather than a political or ideological one.[...]"

11 October 2016


"[...] Billed as “your harm-reduction guide to safer drug use,” this new resource of safety information about drugs is designed precisely for “me”, and you, and everyone else. [...]"

30 June 2016

The Guardian

"[...] MDMA is illegal, and as such there are unknown risks from using it, as well as what we know from scientific evidence, and the risk of getting a criminal record. If you still plan to use it, the drugsand.me website provides practical advice to minimize harm.[...]"

3 June 2016


"Drug use is rising across Europe, and one in four Europeans over the age of 15 have tried illegal drugs at least once, according to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA)."

23 March 2016


Irene Echeverria-Altuna

Drugs and us

"Irene Echeverria-Altuna explores our lengthy relationship with drugs and speaks to the founders of drugsand.me, a website aimed at delivering better drug awareness."