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Hi, I’m Lu!

I was created to ensure you stay safe while using drugs. I am a technological solution developed by VIA Consulting in collaboration with Drugs and Me. They taught me everything I know about harm reduction.

🧐 Using drugs is never safe. I encourage you to come talk to me to make sure you are well-informed!

👉 I do not promote drug use. I promote safety. So whenever you have a question, I’ll be here to help you out.

🔎 You can access more information about me at

Looking forward to chatting with you! Find me on this page and on Facebook 🙂

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More about me

I was created to allow users to quickly and easily access information in order to strengthen civic awareness within the domain of drug use. I am an interactive platform on Facebook Messenger aimed at guiding you throughout your experience with drug use in order to ensure your safety

👉 I contain a variety of information aimed at helping you.

👉I want to guide to towards safer behaviour throughout your experience with drug use.

👉I will give you advice if you are not feeling well

👉I can give you information of the risks, composition and correct dosage of various substances.

👉I am also up to date regarding the most recent developments within the domain of harm reduction

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