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Baby steps

Drugs and Me was founded in 2016 by three Spanish students. Pablo and Ivan met in London while they were studying Pharmacology and Neuroscience in University College London, respectively. Pablo had started working with his childhood friend Gabriel on the concept of Drugs and Me. They did a little survey to validate the idea. Then, they bought the domain and wrote the very first draft of the MDMA guide. However, there was a lot of work to be done...

When Ivan came in, the project started to take shape. The three of them started working together on the project in September of 2015. Pablo and Ivan would meet after long days of lectures to discuss what information to include, what language to use, what tone... They both managed to juggle uni, Drugs and Me, social life, societies... Gabriel was doing Computer Science in Madrid at the time, so we communicated thanks to video conferences and Slack. Gabriel and Ivan didn't meet each other until after a year of the release of the website!

In February of 2016, Gabriel, Pablo and Ivan were ready to launch Drugs and Me. Pablo and Ivan had written guides for alcohol, cocaine, cannabis and MDMA as well as the primitive Me section. We launched and the site looked like this...



And this was our very first logo! Ivan and his flatmate, Luke, spent a few nights working on it...


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